Sporty Zipper with side pockets Control

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There’s no such thing as bad weather only badly dressed athlete. Don’t let the weather ruin your training plan and reach for your goals with our functional jacket Control.

This piece is also from the NEXT LEVEL male collection that helps you achieve more.

This functional Men’s jacket is must for all active men. It’s made of our highly functional technical material which has quick-dry technology, is resistant to wear and tear and protects you from cold weather. There is a drawstring at the bottom. The zip will let you decide whether you want to be kept warmer or colder based on the conditions around you. Modern lining over the upper back makes your shoulders look extra-large. Pockets with a zip are a great plus. There is a reflexive NEBBIA logo in the front and also in the back that will make you visible even in the evening.

Brand Nebbia
Company's country United States
Product type Jacket
Product name Sporty Zipper with side pockets Control
Main colors black
Hashtag Nebbia_Sporty_Zipper_With_Side_Pockets_Control
Country of Origin Slovakia
Color black
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