Iconic NEBBIA of Champions

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This jacket is exceptional. This jacket is inspired by Mr Olympia sweatshirts that are made for the best athletes in the world!

It's both a new-school fashion piece and an old-school icon at the same time! It's a must-have for every real bodybuilder! Shawn Rhoden wore it non-stop and everyone who won Olympia started their successful journey wearing it! Be inspired by world-famous athletes who, like you, didn't hesitate and worked until they reached their goals. Let this jacket be a reminder that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

The cut and original stitching highlight the chest and back. Thanks to the properties of the material, the jacket is an ideal piece for after-training, because it's soft, doesn't absorb sweat, but on the contrary, eliminates it. And the biggest benefit? The jacket is crease-proof! Let's face it, who wouldn't want to be sure that even if you throw your jacket into a closet or sports bag, you always take it out polish and even? You will stay stylish and sexy after the workout, and long after you leave the locker room! :)

Brand Nebbia
Company's country United States
Product type Jacket
Product name Iconic NEBBIA of Champions
Main colors black
Hashtag iconic_nebbia_jacket_of_champions
Country of Origin Slovakia
Inventory updated on 1:05 PM (ET) Nov 27, 2022 (1 minute ago)