Nebbia High-energy

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Catch the eco wave and be part of the change!

Embrace the power of nature with jungle green! This cropped jacket is made from recycled plastics collected from the oceans. Thanks to its technical properties, the fabric is lightweight, sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Say bye-bye to sweat marks and unpleasant sensations after hardcore training. This jacket is reliable and resilient - just like you!

Whether you love summer workouts or want to refresh your fitness closet, the jacket will protect you from colder weather and air conditioning. This eco-friendly recycled material dries quickly and effectively removes sweat from the body. Will you wear it loosely open, half-closed, or closed up? Have fun creating various styles to suit your personality!

Inspired by nature, its energy, and its colours, you can see it in every detail and every print. With this collection, we're celebrating the beauty of our planet. The combination of lively green and bright yellow is guaranteed to improve your mood and lighten up your day. Fasten the jacket with a metal zipper. The NEBBIA lampas on the sleeves will say it for you - you're fitness positive. You're unstoppable.


Empowered women empower oceans! NEBBIA presents OCEAN SELECTED, a high-performance & high-energy collection for active women, made from a selection of recycled plastics found floating in the oceans. We drew our inspiration from nature that gives us energy and power. Make a statement and express your personality through colours and vibrant prints. Each piece is seasoned with striking designs, and each print tells a different story. Now it’s time for you to share your own!

Be responsible. To your body. To our planet.

Brand Nebbia
Company's country United States
Product type Cropped Jacket
Product name High-energy
Main colors green, black, yellow, blue
Composition SEAQUAL (75% recycled polyester, 25% elastane) POWER (80% polyamide, 20% elastane)
Hashtag highenergy_cropped_jacket
Country of Origin Slovakia
jungle green